Creativity Through the Lens of AI

Show notes

Join us for this conversation on the AI-driven creative revolution. Following one of the main themes of DOK Exchange XR Programme: AI and its impact on the art of storytelling – we delve into a conversation about the opportunities and challenges of generative tools for creation. Hosted by Weronika Lewandowska, this podcast takes a look at AI from the perspective and practice of our guest and DOK Exchange XR Conference speaker – Mads Damsbo – the Head of European Creators Lab, the producer and creative technologist of the first feature-length AI co-developed film: “About a Hero”. This production led him to the development of a new tool for filmmakers – Kaspar AI. It also serves for our interlocutors as a lens to broader reflection on Human-AI cooperation and helps to redefine creativity and storytelling art.

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Length: 46’23’’ Recorded on 22 August 2023

Moderator: Weronika M Lewandowska Music Composer: Marcus Lori Sound Design: Timon Misselhorn Editors: Martin Langhof, Anne Rethfeldt

In collaboration with The European Creators’ Lab – Prototyping Lab. You can find out more about our collaborators here.