Jihan & Toni Talk Archives Part 2

Show notes

Filmmaker and archivist Jihan El-Tahri and creator, host of The What’s Up with Docs podcast, and archival researcher Toni Bell chat once more one year into Jihan’s multi-disciplinary project, “People’s Stories – Past & Present: Bridging the Silenced and Liminal Spaces of African Imagery”.

Together they discuss the methodology of the project and ideas around the archive that have emerged about how we use and access archives, how we use these images of past eras in narratives, and what are the alternative forms of archive and remembering besides the celluloid frame, while also questioning who owns the archive. They also discuss the complex restitution of dealing with archives that we are unable to contextualize and the consequences of leaving behind the image.

Language: English

Recorded on 5 October 2022

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