Preserving History During Times of Conflict

Show notes

We recognize that war, conflict, and occupation often bring destruction not only to physical bodies but to the histories, archives and cultural identities of the people impacted. During this conversation, the creator and host of the What’s Up with Docs Podcast and archival researcher Toni Bell will speak with artist, writer, filmmaker, and teacher Mariam Ghani about her latest project “What We Left Unfinished” which is executive produced by Alysa Nahamis. They will delve into the necessity and importance of rediscovering history that was previously thought to be lost as well as the unique ways those subjected to occupation and conflict whether that be through war or political structures can hold on to their stories.

Moderator: Toni Bell Guests: Mariam Ghani

Recorded on 14 October 2021, Part of DOK Industry Podcast Season 2

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