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Show notes

Filmmaker and archivist Jihan El Tahri and creator, host of The What’s Up with Docs podcast and archival researcher Toni Bell talk about the manifesto “Liberate the Image” which was a call to action to make archives more accessible to content creators living in the Global South. During the conversation they will discuss:

Archival preservation of assets of those who are part of the Global Majority / Who gets to monetize archives and when does monetization make access to historical assets prohibitive / The role archivists play in the preservation of history and limitations due to limited staff, storage capacity, adequate facilities. / Access to non-commercial archives such as museums, community organizations, and individuals / Licensing struggles across the borders.

Moderated by Toni Bell, a conversation with Jihan El-Tahri.

Recorded on 8 October 2021 as part of DOK Industry Podcast Season 2

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