Brown Lives to the Fore – Lack of Representation of Brown LGBTQ+ Stories

Show notes

In the larger mainstream cinematic space, or even film festival space, there is an acute shortage of both narrative and documentary films made and exhibited with brown LGBTQ+ stories at its center. Is it lack of production of such stories, lack of quality of production, lack of resources to produce such stories, or is it that most of the brown people, living in developing countries, are still locked inside the closets - marginalized due to social, legal or religious challenges. The panel will put brown LGBTQ+ filmmakers & curators at the center of this discussion to unearth the reasons, and also to find a way ahead for these stories to be told and to reach larger audiences.

A conversation with Sonal Giani, Kalki Subramaniam and Arshad Wasi Khan.

Recorded on 9 October 2021 as part of DOK Industry Podcast Season 2

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